2 September 2019

Today’s Information Filter –
It’s SPRING Downunder!!!

Welcome to my information filter blog where I try to select interesting ‘stuff’ from what passes my eyes when reading, surfing, watching or listening. Enjoy or not – that is the way information goes.

Today in Queensland it is 72 days after the winter solstice (22 June) 42 weeks till we are back in Winter again! In Brisbane 10-28C with Sunrise at 6.01AM and Sunset at 5.34 PM.

Today’s Music

Great awesome talents in one clip – Joe and Jimmy – Doesn’t get much better!

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Today’s Book of Interest
A Long Way From Home
by Peter Carey –
Irene Bobs loves fast driving. Her husband is the best car salesman in rural south eastern Australia. Together with Willie, their lanky navigator, they embark upon the Redex Trial, a brutal race around the continent, over roads no car will ever quite survive. A Long Way from Home is Peter Carey’s late style masterpiece; a thrilling high speed story that starts in one way, then takes you to another place altogether. Set in the 1950s in the embers of the British Empire, painting a picture of Queen and subject, black, white and those in-between, this brilliantly vivid novel illustrates how the possession of an ancient culture spirals through history – and the love made and hurt caused along the way.
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Today’s Blog of Interest
Ars Technica was founded in 1998 when Founder & Editor-in-Chief Ken Fisher announced his plans for starting a publication devoted to technology that would cater to what he called “alpha geeks”: technologists and IT professionals.Stone tools suggest the first Americans came from Japan
Today’s Poetry of Interest
The Light of A Candle by Agha Shahid Ali
Today’s Podcast of Interest
London Review of Books
A recent one is here Robert Lowell Studies
Today’s Photographer of Interest
Steve Parish,

Steve Parish

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