31 August 2019

Today’s Information Filter

Welcome to my information filter blog where I try to select interesting ‘stuff’ from what passes my eyes when reading, surfing, watching or listening. Enjoy or not – that is the way information goes.

Today in Queensland it is 69 days after the winter solstice (22 June) 43 weeks till we are back in Winter again! In Brisbane 10-23C with Sunrise at 6.04AM and Sunset at 5.33 PM.

Today’s Book of Interest
Bad Behaviour
by Rebecca Starford-
It should have been a time of acquiring confidence, building self respect and independence, of fostering a connection with the natural world through long hikes… A gripping, compulsively readable memoir of bullying at an elite country boarding school..
More on Goodreads
Today’s Blog of Interest
Gizmodo covers Australian science and entertainment news with a team of award-winning journalists – and localises the best posts from the US + UK editions.Gizmodo
Today’s Poetry of Interest
The Aloe by Laurence Hope
Today’s Podcast of Interest
The Graham Norton Podcast
Most recent is here Graham with Frances Barber, Neil Tennant, Jonathan Harvey plus June Bernicoff
Today’s Photographer of Interest

Bill Henson

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